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Swyft Capital Group is more than just your typical Real Estate Investment Firm. We pride ourselves on creating quality relationships with our partners that are built to last while providing maximum returns. Through advanced research, years of market expertise, and a dedication to deliver, Swyft Capital is the top-notch choice for syndicated multi-family investment opportunities. Whether you’re new to apartment investing, or you're an experienced investor searching for seasoned operators, you’re in the right place! Check out just a few of the benefits that Swyft has to offer below:

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Passive Income

When you aren't dealing with the hassles of property management, you have more free time to do what you love. With a trustworthy property manager put in place, your investment is in good hands and your wealth is growing!

High Returns, Low Risk

By investing in high-value real estate, you avoid much of the volatility associated with the traditional modes of investment. Additionally, being a partner investor allows you to undertake less risks and diversify your portfolio. 

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Tax Benefits

By taking advantage of accelerated depreciation, cost segregation analysis, and more, significant tax benefits will be heading your way.

What are real estate syndications?
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What Are Real Estate Syndications?

Real estate syndications are essentially a form of crowdfunding with real estate. They involve a group of people combining their capital to purchase a property, e.g. an apartment complex. 

When working with like-minded partners, this is a great opportunity to partake in an investment with less risk and potentially even greater reward. With larger pools of wealth coming together, higher value properties can be purchased. Additionally, by partnering with Swyft Capital you are able to make this a passive investment as we handle property management. 

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